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Great Day To Be a Tarheel

If you’re not from Chapel Hill/Carrboro, it doesn’t take too long to pick up on the heartbeat of the town; UNC sports. While they exhibit excellence (as in National Championships) in many sports i.e. men and women’s soccer, men and women’s lacrosse, baseball, and field hockey; the town really comes together in droves for our men’s basketball team. As the NCAA tournament is coming to an end it has been a wonderful experience to see the fanatics and the fair-weather fans, the student and the professional, and the children and the retiree’s come together to cheer on our Tar Heels…THIS, is community.

When I moved here in the 80’s with my three older sisters, we were quickly indoctrinated into the way of the Tar Heel. My father was attending UNC for his doctorate in statistics and we lived in Odum Village, a literal stone’s throw from the Dean Dome. Then, they had many open practices and we would go sit in and watch. I remember there being so many people there, all different but just coming to sit, watch, and converse about “our boys.” Everyone was a basketball guru and would politely debate with the stranger beside them about who needed to improve what in order to ‘take it all.” Friends were made and the common ritual was an agreement to come together for the upcoming game. Someone would agree to host and everyone brought food and we’d watch the game on a TV with no sound while blaring Woody Durham on 1360AM WCHL. I remember many games where the radio broadcast was about a half second ahead of the television so we’d know whether or not the shot went in right before we saw it. This was the Saturday or Sunday game routine. Now, as an adult, not much has changed. The day after Luke Maye’s game-winning heroics (or with any UNC win) everyone is adorned in UNC paraphernalia serving as almost an invite to discuss last night’s game. In the line at the grocery store or just sitting at a coffee shop, when you see the overlapping NC you know you’ve found a like mind. The location is now just often a sports bar with a collective of strangers gathered in all of their UNC garb with the unified purpose of cheering on ‘our boys.’ UNC/dook and (ACC & NCAA) tournament time, early arrival is a must as all businesses showing the game are at capacity well before opening tip-off. As the game goes on you find yourself hi-fiving the stranger beside you with every big shot or finding an equally passionate partner in disputing a bad call. UNC basketball is the tie that binds us all together and the ice breaker for interaction that opens the door to discover other connecting factors. The value of community is in the sense of belonging to something greater than yourself. Whether it is a sports team, crossfit, or a bookclub, community serves as a catalyst to broaden connections and offers support in your passion. The awesome thing about the Tar Heel community is that it is whole-town inclusive and that unifying factor is, in part, why Chapelboro is just better than most places. Struggle or flourish, failure or success, it is always a Great Day To Be A Tar Heel (#GDTBATH)

- Ben Gear

Photo Credit: Enecy Carolina Francis (a Tarheel from Birth)

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